My Contribution to the Learning of Others

What a catchy title hey? Not one of my best, but it is the most accurate.

Over the last 3 months or so I have learned so much about technology and the benefits of having an online community. I will come right out and say that I am not the most involved or the most prominent person online – it’s not who I am. Not online, and not even in real life. I am more than willing to help others when they need it and I have the answer (not super often – sorry google plus community), but I am much more comfortable showing encouragement in the form of a retweet or share than a comment. Maybe that will change and I just need some more time than one semester, so I’m going to keep at it. But for now, I am happy with how much I have grown since the class first started.

That being said, I did my best. I made an effort to read and comment on other blogs, as you can see in some of screenshots on this google doc. I really appreciated when we all had the same prompt, so that I could see all the different perspectives of everyone in the class. We all wrote about virtually the same things, but sometimes had drastically different takes on it. Even if I didn’t necessarily comment, that did not mean I didn’t enjoy reading! Sometimes as well, as I am a slow processor, I needed some time before immediately writing as I like to think things through first. I have no better excuse than I simply forgot to back afterwards.

Sometimes, it was a simple encouragement saying I loved what they did, or else a question to further my ponderings. Regardless, I pushed myself this course to at least try and make an effort to engage with my fellow colleagues.

Twitter has SO MANY things! I have to say, I really enjoyed my first twitter chat, #starschat, for #BellLetsTalk. I thought it would be stressful and confusing, but turns out its fast paced with so many wise and thoughtful words. I really appreciated that opportunity to join. And now I have a bookmarked Ed Chat Calendar so I know when all chats are happening!

I’ve become a pro at retweeting. However, I’m slowly learning to add my own thoughts and opinions when I retweet. But I’m getting out there, and I love to share other people’s ideas and posts when I see the value in them. I took to twitter rather than google plus when I needed assistance as it seemed an easier way for me to keep connected.

Now, when you compare my contribution to the learning of others, you may think that I am not overly involved – however that’s just not me. At the start of the course I wanted to create a positive and true digital identity for myself online, and I think I am just beginning to accomplish that. I have much more work to do but compared with the beginning of the semester, I am content with my growth and contributions. I am also excited to continue the journey – it definitely won’t end here. Now that I’ve seen all the support and resources out there, I want to share my own as well as contribute to anything other’s need that I can help with. I’m excited to grow my network! Again, check out my google doc with some of my contributions over the semester!

Also, check out my summary of learning below!



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