Surprise! I Like Coding!

Last week I had never even heard of coding in the classroom, and now it turns out I actually don’t mind doing it all. Whenever I thought of coding, I always imagined some hacker in a dark room typing really fast creating “codes” without exactly knowing what they were. Turns out, they are just instructions for what they want the computer to do.

I began exploring the Hour of Code and found it so intriguing I had to do a second one. I did a quick little screencast (my first one I might add) of the first couple steps of the Frozen hour of code to give you all a little taste of what it’s like. Check it out through the link below.

I think I like coding because it’s so technical and logical. That’s the way my brain works. I like math and science – things that have a right answer, and that you can use formula’s so figure things out. I think coding follows that pattern and you have to logically think things out.

I think that’s why it’s so beneficial in school. It allows kids to critically think about the things in the world around them – including computers which are such a huge part of our everyday lives. We can’t take those things for granted without trying to investigate how those things work. It’s important to have a critical mind that is always learning – this is just another opportunity to do that in a fun and engaging way. I encourage you all to check out coding and see you how do!



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