What’s Your Role in Changing the World?

I think one of the best uses for technology has been when it is used for positive change. What a better platform to spread your cause than the world?

As I was sifting through my feedly account this week, I came across an article called Changing a Changing World : Teaching Social Media for Social Activism. What a great connection to what we’ve been learning about in our ECMP355 class. I wanted to share the most powerful line from the article with you because it’s too good to just keep for myself.

“Facebook and Twitter will never replace voting or marching, but it’s a tool to organize; a way to convince your friends to register to vote or be aware of a cause.”

Though technology does not replace certain rights and ways of supporting a cause, it can provide awareness and empowerment to others who are passionate about the same cause as yourself. One organization that has embodied this is called World Camp and I had the opportunity to be a part of it in the summer of 2014. This organization was founded by a group of college student in 2000. They saw a need for improved access to quality health services, education, and resources through community-driven initiatives in Malawi, Africa. I found out about this organization through technology and the university.


Above is one of my classes that I had the privilege of providing education too with the assistance of my translator, Chimwemwe. This organization has been able to expand and grow to include not only an education program, but a healthcare program as well. It has grown through the use of blogs, twitter, instagram, facebook and email. This organization was started with a group of college students who wanted to do something to better the world, and then acted on it. I encourage you all to check out their website. They are doing incredible things in Malawi and working to bring about local leaders of change! With international women’s day happening yesterday, I wanted to share another photo with you. We were able to spend time with all the women in the school for an hour each day we were in the villages to give them encouragement, answer questions, and empower them.


What incredible women!

Now a word of empowerment to you kind folks. I’d ask you read and consider another article, What Role Were You Born to Play in Social Change? Yes, technology is able to spread awareness about the social issues we are passionate about, and we can encourage our student to get involved and to become socially aware. And then they can act on it! Through technology we also have countless opportunities to choose from. Start your own organization, your own campaign, your own world-trending hashtag, or your own blog simply raising awareness. The article I just mentioned has the different roles in social change – the advocate, the helper, the organizer, and the rebel – and how they can be used positively or negatively. So which role will you play?

I can't get enough of these smiling faces!
I can’t get enough of these faces!

One thought on “What’s Your Role in Changing the World?

  1. Wonderful post, Ashley. I love your personal connection to the topic and the pictures that you shared throughout. I always find blog posts more interesting when they include personal experiences and pictures! I think our viewpoints on technology and social activism are very similar. Yes, technology and social media might sometimes encourage “slacktivism” but I think it also opens up so many more opportunities for social change!

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