The Light is at the End of the Tunnel

Well, after a not-so-brief hiatus I am back to blogging! A little update for those of you who read my blog a while ago and are still here – I am in my 4th year in my final semester of the Bachelor of Education program. After finishing my internship in McLean, SK last semester, I cannot say I’m overjoyed to be back doing university classes after having a taste of what being in the classroom is like. But the light is at the end of the tunnel and in just a couple months I will have the opportunity to take all of the skills I have been developing and to begin my career. For now, I will concentrate on developing these skills further, and building my network.

My last post a year and a half ago (yikes!) stated I was headed to Malawi, Africa for a month. I have to say it was the most challenging and fantastic time of my life. Teaching children of a completely different culture and language than myself, I learned how to communicate with not only my words but my actions and the kinds of activities we did. It was stretching for me to be in a place so different than our typical North American classrooms. Some had no desks, some had goats wandering in and out, some had no doors, and some even took place outside under a tree. However, despite all of these things I have never seen children so eager to learn and to demonstrate their learning than these kids. These experiences have all impacted me and helped me realize what I’m passionate about.

My class, translator and I after planting a tree to do our part in stopping deforestation.

I am passionate about travel, children of all cultures, and Jesus. I plan to teach internationally when I graduate, and therefore I think technology will play a huge part in my future career. Not only in my personal life to keep in contact back home, learning about the new culture I have immersed myself in, and researching the people, but also in the classroom. The world is huge and technology has so much to offer. I love the feeling of being connected to people from all cultures and places all around the world. Stick with me over the next couple months and help me learn how to incorporate technology effectively into the classroom. What are your favourite classroom experiences with technology?


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