Five Weeks!!

That’s right – I’m going to Malawi in five weeks!! Now that the school year is finished and my finals are over, I can refocus all my attention onto my upcoming trip!

For those of you who don’t know, in June I will be heading to Malawi, Africa on a service learning internship for four and a half weeks. I will be teaching in a couple different primary schools, empowering students to think critically about HIV/AIDS, environmental education, and gender relations. I’ve been reading through the curriculum the last couple weeks (all 136 pages), and it’s getting me excited to get into these villages and to interact with these kids!

I’ve been reading a ton about the state of Malawi and what kind of issues this country is facing and my heart is already so set on doing something to make a difference. The kids that I will be teaching and interacting with are the next generation and the ones that can really make a change. It’s so cool that I get to be just a small part of that.

Teaching will take place in camp form – fun, interactive and energetic. I think that it’s going to be so great to finally use some of the things I’ve been learning in the last two years of university, even if it’s not in the standard North American classroom.

Now that I have the countdown on, I’m getting anxious to go. But as the days go by I’m realizing how much I still have to do before I leave. I still need to raise some more funds before May 23rd. If you are willing and/or able you can direct a donation towards myself at or contact me directly. Thank you in advance and I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you soon!