Reconsidering My Autobiography

A couple months ago, I was asked to write an autobiography looking at the experiences that have shaped me. In this assignment I was asked to reconsider my autobiography and consider what hidden messages are now visible to me in what I could offer as my autobiography? Why did I not include race, gender, or sexuality?

My answer to this is not simple. I took it for granted that I fit into all the norms. White, female, straight. If I had fallen into any minority norms, maybe I would have thought to include those, giving additional perspective to my experiences. I know that the experiences I have had in some ways have come from being part of the norm, but the fact is that the things that were important to ME, the experiences that have made me who I am today haven’t been dependent on my race, gender, or sexuality.

As a teacher I think we need to be able to decide what is most important. There is an abundance of information in the world, and we can’t teach, or use, it all. For each of our assignments we have to dig through and find what is most important. With my autobiography, I chose what was most important to me. With someone of minority in any shape or form, maybe that makes them who they are. 

Everybody is different. What experiences have made you who you are?


2 thoughts on “Reconsidering My Autobiography

  1. I agree that what goes into the autobiography should be important to us and not what others think. Everybody is different and their life experiences shape who they are. Even though you don’t think it was important to add in yours, as a teacher do you think it is important to teach your students about these? How would you do this if it isn’t important to you?

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