We Are All Treaty People

This morning we had a guest lecturer talking on teaching treaty education. I think it was one of the most beneficial lectures we have had so far in this class. Claire Kreuger shared personal experiences and mistakes (the smartest people learn from others’ mistakes!) that are practical and useful. 

It’s important for us as future educators to look at the treaty education outcomes, realize that all first nations are not the same, only teach what we know, and to tell our own stories. She also talked about having a Cree knowledge keeper to bounce ideas off of which I found to be a great resource. Having someone with an intimate knowledge of what you are trying to teach making sure you are getting across the right information in the right ways. (Not that there’s a right way to teach of course).

The last thing I want to share is her representation of what her students did, and are continuing to do with technology. I used to think that elementary students were to young to use twitter, to blog, to have so much freedom in digital storytelling. However seeing the examples of what kids can do when given the opportunity is incredible! They are brilliant and capable and creative. Absolute phenomenal lecture and learned a ton of practical things that I can’t wait to try out in my own classroom!

Here is a link to her Treaty Education blog:



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