Learning to be a Teacher

This week I was asked to read some more of Kumashiro’s book Common Sense. He described three different programs that produce teachers. The one I relate to most is teacher as researcher. All throughout my university experience my professors have been telling us to be lifelong learners – exactly what Kumashiro described. 

He did say a couple really intriguing things in this chapter that i though i would share with you all. He states that “learning the basics of teaching does not precede learning about oppression in teaching, therefore, teacher research that does not interrupt the oppressions already in play may reinforce the very practices that are problematic.” I don’t know about you but i think he nailed that.

One last thing that caught my attention was “by assuming that the problem is a lack of knowledge on part of teachers, fail to address ways in which both our teaching and research consist of desire to repeal oppressive practices.”

What do you think of those quotes. Do you think he is right? 


One thought on “Learning to be a Teacher

  1. You’ve pulled some key ideas from Kumashiro that have caught your attention. As you write your posts, explain your own connection, reflection and explain statements such as ‘he really nailed that’. What do you mean by that? Can you explain your own thoughts more? Why did these quotations speak so strongly to you?

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