A History Of Education (Painter)

I’ve been asked to read this text, and answer the question of how race is defined. Now this text is from 1886, so the views obviously are a little different. What I found most prominent was the authors use of “mankind” rather than the human race. It seems as though any reference to an person or to humans was referred to as man. Which has been something that has obviously changed over the years promoting gender equality.

However I also think that race is referring to individual people groups. He mentions the “Mongolian race” at one point, to distinguish how different cultures, which is the word i believe would suit better, learn and are taught. I think that teachers in this time period were being taught to distinguish by race, and to teach each people group (or their own people group, “culture”) in a specific way, not necessarily similar to any other group. I think this really causes division in the world as a whole if we are all taught to think of our own culture as radically different than the next.

Thankfully, this view, at least in North America, has changed drastically with inclusive education and culture awareness. It’s embraced rather than the cause for division and difference.

What are your thoughts? Is this what Painter meant by “race”? What are the effects of teaching teachers to think in this way? 


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